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                                                RushabhUro Hospital Ahmedabad was the first to bring the concept of the DAY CARE TURP AND DAY CARE PCNL Since February 2002.



Consultant Urologist, Andrologist and Laparoscopic surgeon At RushabhUro Hospital Ahmedabad

RushabhUro Hospital was started in the year 2002 and has grown over the years with increase in infrastructure and quality patient care.We offer advanced minimally invasive endourological procedure like fulguration of vesico-vaginal fistula on day care basis. It was the first hospital to start Lap. Nephrectomy since August 2002. We have the experience of performing more than 1250 laparoscopic surgeries including Lap.Pyeloplasty, Lap.Ureterolithotomy, Lap ureteric reimplant, Lap Orchidopexy, Lap adrenelectomy, Lap guided PCNL, Lap cyst deroofing and also advanced laparoscopic surgery like Lap Radical Prostatectomy, Lap Radical cystectomy and Lap Vesico-vaginal Fistula repair. It is a center where all metabolic work up is done for the prevention of the recurrent urinary stone formation and routine screening for prostate cancer.


Greetings from Rushabhurohospital !!

• It is our pleasure to announce that we have successfully completed 14 years of Rushabhurohospital which was established on 3rd feb. 2002.

• At Rushabhuro hospital we constantly upgrade the latest equipment and  technology to give the best advantage for our patients..

• We were to start Day care TURP, PCNL since 2002, then laparoscopy since 2003, since then done more than 1250 major laparoscopic surgeries.

• We have upgraded bipolar as it does not have any side effect on other systems of body.

• We constantly update & upgrade our whole hospital to give it pleasant and memorable experience for our patients.

• Working with civil hospital as associate professor since 16 years,  and  now  3 residents enroll for  residency under us, helps for our academically & teaching as passion!

• Last year we did 4thLapuroworkshop ,in which we had shown 14 live laparoscopic surgeries which was attended by more than 176 urologist from all over india.

• Live demonstration of various surgeries at National /International level-

Lap radical cystectomy at Jaslok hospital Mumbai2014.

Lap radical prostatectomy at 4thLapuroworkshop2015 at Ahmedabad, at Rajkot in 2015, atlapuroworkshop 2009 at Ahmedabad,

Lap cyst deroofing at Kochi on 8 aug2015,lapuroworkshopnov 2011 Ahmedabad.

Laparoscopic Nephrectomy at  3rdLapuroworkshop Nov 2013 At Ahmedabad,oct 2011 at Selsicon ,oct 2011 at Ahmedabad, Annual Conference Of The Ahmedabad Urological Association on April 2004 at Ahmedabad.

Laparosocpic Pyeloplasty  at The Selsicon  Oct 2011  at Ahmedabad.

Laparoscopic VVF  Repair at Indore  on 2015 , At The Live Workshop Gujarat Cancer Research Centre Ahmedabad, 2010,At The Lapuroworkshop  On  November’2009 At Ahmedabad,

• Last year had given talk on laparoscopic surgery at world congress meeting at London!

• Still learning a lot to give  our best !!

• Team Rushabhuro hospital